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Edmunds Premier Dealer

DCH Freehold Toyota is proud to announce that we are an "Premier Dealer"

Each car dealership that is presented as a Premier Dealer on has agreed to a list of specific, detailed customer service commitments, which includes the following:

  1. To employ a fully trained Internet Department that is familiar with the website.
  2. To use its best efforts to directly contact Edmunds customers through the customer's preferred method of contact listed in the lead, which is either by phone or e-mail; and to initiate that contact within two business hours, on average, and in no event later than four business hours of receiving each customer's referral.
  3. To provide the "best price" on the first contact with the customer. ("Best price" means the lowest price at which the dealer will sell a specific available vehicle that day.)
  4. To inform the customer of the status (i.e., orderable, locatable, in stock) of the requested vehicle in a clear, honest fashion, and to provide a stock number if the vehicle is currently available.
  5. To locate and "dealer trade" or "factory order" a vehicle in accordance with the consumer's request, in the event the preferred vehicle is not in dealer stock.
  6. To offer to complete, in advance of the customer's arrival to pick up the vehicle, as many aspects of the vehicle sale as possible and as the customer desires.
  7. To respond to all customer questions in a prompt and honest manner.
  8. To not resell or transfer to another dealer any customer referred to that dealer by Edmunds.